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Mush and Room #20: Supplier Management

June 16, 2010


Supplier supply me (Room winds up cooling Mush)


Mush and Room #15: Capacity and Availability!

May 11, 2010


Capacity and Availability #15 (Amper on lighting, Flocks under weather)

ITIL v3: Utility and Warranty – two sides of the same coin

December 14, 2007

Utility and Warranty come handy when characterizing and checking the value of a IT Service as it progresses throughout its lifecycle.

Utility – Functionality offered by a Product or a Service to meet a particular need. Utility is often summarized as “what it does”.

Warranty – A promise or guarantee that a Product or a Service will meet its agreed requirements (“how it is done”).


Guru Watch #3 – Colin Rudd, The ITIL visual master

October 18, 2007

Colin Rudd

Colin Rudd has been around with ITIL since kindergarten (it takes time to hear it from his mouth… Go for the bit at 1h:43m:45s…). And it shows. He’s prolific on ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 being responsible for ITIL books, training and consulting.

I’ve had pleasure of knowing him in person and he is a communicator (he can’t seem capable of saying no everytime we invite him to Portugal).

If you read Sharon Taylor’s Official intro book you’ll recognize his hand in the first diagram for every Service Lifecycle phase chapter. That’s no coincidence.

 For a taste of his writing and visuals look at the free ITIL v2 overview book.

Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue and… – ITIL v3

July 16, 2007



Service Portfolio Big Picture - ITIL v3

After a comment from IT Skeptic for the previous Service Catalogue – ITIL v3 post, I’ve drawn this diagram hoping it will give a clearer picture on this topic (it is heavily based upon Figure 3.7 from the Service Design core book) .