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ITIL v3 2011 edition: Official Glossary is out – a handy, free reference

September 9, 2011

InfiniteWisdom_by Ksionic_at_flickr

Infinite Wisdom by Ksioninc at Flickr - Some rights reserved

As before, this official Glossary is a quite useful and free reference on ITIL. You can get this on other languages here (on this post date the list included: Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, German, Korean, Romanian, Russian and Latin American Spanish).

ITIL v3 2011 edition Glossary  [English]

Mush and Room #32: Extra! Extra! ITIL v3 2011 edition

August 3, 2011

Mush and Room #32: ITIL v3 2011 edition

ITIL v3 reloaded (the 2011 edition)

Mush and Room #25: Balance

July 21, 2010


Balance (between extremes)

Mush and Room #24: 7 step improvement

July 14, 2010


7 step improvement (CSI: Mush and Room)

Mush and Room #23: DIKW Model

July 7, 2010


DIKW Model (Room to improve)

Mush and Room #22: Continuity

June 30, 2010


Continuity (variations on a lightning disaster)

Mush and Room #21: A Process is

June 23, 2010


A Process is... (Ice cream flavours)

Mush and Room #20: Supplier Management

June 16, 2010


Supplier supply me (Room winds up cooling Mush)

Mush and Room #19: Access Management

June 9, 2010


Access Management (Mush grants sea access to Room)

Mush and Room #18: Configuration Management!

June 2, 2010


Configuration Management! (Room really holds curlies)