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Online learning by yourself – what are you waiting for?

February 23, 2016

Do not let it pass. You have available resources as never seen before.

I’ve just finished Seth’s Godin online course at Udemy. This one is particularly good for those thinking (but not having decided) on being your own boss.

I took it in my own pace and wherever I wanted to (including at subway – these online learning platforms now allow you to download the videos).

It’s not a matter of available time on your side. It’s a matter of choosing to improve yourself step by step, consistently.

Some starters that I have used:

  • (browse the categories and explore classes and feedback)
  • (plenty of IT and arts to learn. By the way, when you teach you really have to know your stuff. This and the previous site allow you to publish your own courses)
  • (the Duke University course on Gamification is… rewarding! Some happen at specific dates)
  • (yes, although it will be harder to thing good stuff and you’ll be own your own regarding discipline to learn)

Little suggestion: Don’t pick more than you can handle. I did that at Coursera because I was so eager to take it all (many courses are free and damn good). Pick one and commit to finish it.

Know more resources? Please comment them in.

Certificate for Seth Godin's - Freelancer Course at Udemy

Certificate for Seth Godin’s – Freelancer Course at Udemy