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January 31, 2019

This week I went to an event aptly dedicated to “Cyberdefense and cybersecurity”. These topics are fashionable and for good reasons.

The cyber suffix is more and more a reality and needs to enter our lexicon fast. Otherwise, we will soon be swept over by a world under a not so bright new order.

Beyond the obvious fears and calls to action, I captured these, starting from the one I think we all can do something about it:

  • Education – Surprise! Everyone, and especially the youth, as to step up on their awareness for the cultural and democracy shift brought by the post-Internet world. I place my bet here for informed people are wiser. Here’s one free online introductory course. Cybersecurity education resources can be found too.
  • Regulation – A need for a net of cooperation institutions from all sectors to bring order to the new wild west. Or face being ruled by big corporations as nations sovereignty keep declining. There’s hope from the UK. Also,  an informative report from ENISA.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Like other disrupting technologies, it did not bother knocking first before entering our lives. Really fast. It is already being used for cyberattacks.