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Mush and Room #21: A Process is

June 23, 2010


A Process is... (Ice cream flavours)


ISO 20000 and Business Relationship Management – The missing ITIL v3 process?

November 30, 2009

Complaint Dept by Life As Art at Flickr

"Complaint Dept" by Life As Art at Flickr - some rights reserved

Business Relationship Management (BRM) is a ISO/IEC 20000 process from the Relationship group that is not described in ITIL v3.

It’s objective is: To establish and maintain a good relationship between the service provider and the customer based on understanding the customer and their business drivers.


Effective Decision – Magic?

June 8, 2009

Conferring after the call - por Jean-François Chénier, Some Rights Reserved - Attribution, Non-commercial

Conferring after the call -by Jean-François Chénier, Some Rights Reserved - Attribution, Non-commercial

Steve Romero, wrote a comment over a podcasted interview on IT projects and initiatives failure, defending how three orchestrated disciplines can address the core People issue:

  • Governance: Making sure the right people are accountable for addressing critical decisions
  • Process management: The decision process is feasible and doable
  • Organizational change management: Assuring people become comfortable and make their own the organization government processes, support business processes and human behaviour changes in order to make the most of technological solutions

Regarding the latter, Organizational change management, I call magic to the moment during a project when people adopt the subsequent change.


ITIL 2011 edition Processes along the Service Lifecycle Diagram (Français, English, Português)

October 13, 2007

ITIL v3 Processes versus Service Lifecycle

ITIL 2011 Processes across the Service Lifecycle, some rights reserved

ITIL 2011 Processes across the Service Lifecycle

Here’s a take-and-share version of the previously mentioned ITIL v32011 Processes throughout the Service Lifecycle. For a Visio version just email me (currently French – NEW! Thank you Richard Martin, English and Portuguese versions – keep them coming!).

[I’ve just removed the last spurious “Operations Management” entry. That’s a function. Also, I have a Portuguese (European) version. Volunteers for other languages? I can make them available from here. I’ve seen a version from Hong Kong (last page) broken link now…]

A good read… and 27… 26 ITIL v3 processes

September 11, 2007


I’ve been reading “The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle Book” from Sharon Taylor. It’s a good read and quite an effective introduction to ITIL v3 (and an obviously cheaper one than the five ITIL v3 core books for 30£ the hardcopy or a bit more for electronic versions).


The tenth chapter gives a glimpse (more of a teaser actually) to the Service Management Model to be made available online  on the ITIL Live web portal as part of the dynamic complementary guidance that’s meant to keep ITIL up to date.


There’s a graphical view for the 27 processesentries spread along the Service Lifecycle (Figure 10.2, page 150). IT presents a broad perspective of where those processes intervene throughout the Lifecycle.