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Drive: Mastery – Learning versus Performance

April 28, 2011

While rereading the mastery chapter (Daniel H. Pink’s Drive book) what hit me today was this: Learning versus Performance. Both are valid for goals on our life. But performance only goals may come from a limited view of our own intelligence (limited) while learning denounces a growing attitude – even with significant effort we can always improve our intellect.

Drive: Mastery

Drive: Mastery

So. So as Daniel H. Pink states I suggest one approaches all in life with a learning attitude, regardless of how mundane and repetitive the task you’re focusing on may be .

Drive: Mastery 2

Drive: Mastery - Learning versus Performance


Book: Drive by Daniel H. Pink

April 22, 2011

"Who's gonna drive you? You." by Rui Soares - some rights reserved

Who's gonna drive you? You.

Drive by Daniel H. Pink brings insightful stories on what really motivates us. The elements of our intrinsic motivation (the one that matters) are: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Beyond primordial motivation based on needs like food and sex. Farther than Industrial Era external motivation  (not quite over yet) with carrot and stick motivation (you do this I give you that… If you don’t then…).

Imperative: I am responsible for my own motivation.