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What is the problem with problem management?

January 13, 2012

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes”, Henri J. Kaiser

Problem solving is a very human specific capability that can be honed as time elapses. Most of us are great solvers yet have difficulties isolating what really is the problem. Lets look at the root cause for this and how organizations take it.

Roots by Eva the Weaver at Flickr - Some rights reserved

Roots by Eva the Weaver at Flickr - Some rights reserved

More context for problem management is in order. On Rob England’s Review of recent ITIL studies paper, one of the studies analysed gives this quantitative information:

“problem management – a process that requires organizational maturity and commitment – is the ITIL process most firms are currently [2010] implementing (24%) or planning to implement (24%). Furthermore, 43% currently follow ITIL problem management processes, reflecting a 91% adoption/soon-to-be-adopted rate among those surveyed.”



Have a phenomenal 2012! And three things

January 2, 2012

02-01-2012-Three things J.D.Meier_ITIL Blues

My three things for this week... inspired by J.D.Meier

From a quotation I read this morning I met again J.D.Meier’s blog and found his 30 days of getting results manifesto [in J.D. Meier words this ebook “is a collection of little lessons you can use to improve your personal productivity and personal effectiveness”].

Broke the rules. Read day 1 and day 2 at once! I will tell you how it went for me next Friday. And in 30 days.

Have a phenomenal 2012!

Até já,