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one more story – in Denmark

October 7, 2013

Once upon a time in Danmark…

Fatelavn – Carnival tradition in Denmark

One day,  surely on a shiny and fresh day, gentle and merry folks of Denmark accepted my humble speaking proposal on Storytelling.

Because of that, I did my best so a meaningful story would come to life

Until finally, in what looked liked just a few days after, at Köbehavn  I found myself in front of people actually looking for a story to be told.

Super-sweet. Felt fantastic. I  missed talking and see people so close, listening, groking, participating – and yes taking photos of what touched them or  in that moment was relevant.

It was a great experience at itSMF Danmark. Thanks to Michael Imhoff and Katja Dollerup!

One week later I went for the itSMF Finland conference. Ah, but that is another story.

[for more on how to use the Pixar story pitch look here]


Have a phenomenal 2012! And three things

January 2, 2012

02-01-2012-Three things J.D.Meier_ITIL Blues

My three things for this week... inspired by J.D.Meier

From a quotation I read this morning I met again J.D.Meier’s blog and found his 30 days of getting results manifesto [in J.D. Meier words this ebook “is a collection of little lessons you can use to improve your personal productivity and personal effectiveness”].

Broke the rules. Read day 1 and day 2 at once! I will tell you how it went for me next Friday. And in 30 days.

Have a phenomenal 2012!

Até já,