Have a phenomenal 2012! And three things

02-01-2012-Three things J.D.Meier_ITIL Blues

My three things for this week... inspired by J.D.Meier

From a quotation I read this morning I met again J.D.Meier’s blog and found his 30 days of getting results manifesto [in J.D. Meier words this ebook “is a collection of little lessons you can use to improve your personal productivity and personal effectiveness”].

Broke the rules. Read day 1 and day 2 at once! I will tell you how it went for me next Friday. And in 30 days.

Have a phenomenal 2012!

Até já,



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2 Responses to “Have a phenomenal 2012! And three things”

  1. rumagoso Says:

    Ok, it’s Friday. First impressions: The hardest up to today has been the hot spots – defining what really is important. The three daily wins along with one-liner stories do work for me. Today I got my Pick Four package from The Domino Project, a really pleasant surprise has it came earlier. So, I’ve plenty of work to do here!
    Back on this in a week.

  2. Carlos Says:

    You got me curious…

    Let me take a look at that e-book.

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