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ISO 20000 and Business Relationship Management – The missing ITIL v3 process?

November 30, 2009

Complaint Dept by Life As Art at Flickr

"Complaint Dept" by Life As Art at Flickr - some rights reserved

Business Relationship Management (BRM) is a ISO/IEC 20000 process from the Relationship group that is not described in ITIL v3.

It’s objective is: To establish and maintain a good relationship between the service provider and the customer based on understanding the customer and their business drivers.



ITGI (CobiT, ValIT, Risk IT,…) supports IT Governance (ISO 38500)

November 29, 2009

Gary Hardy from ITGI wrote the article “ITGI Enables ISO/IEC 38500:2008 Adoption” (available only to ISACA members) putting the case for using mostly CobiT and ValIT from ITGI portfolio in order to enable IT Governance according to ISO 38500 (it goes through all the six principles and three main tasks described on the standard).

[Found it reading the crystal clear and highly recommended “The journey towards enterprise governance of IT” by Geoff Harmer]

State of the Art of ITIL… It’s the people!

November 26, 2009

Ponte Vecchio - Crowd, by Tom Stardust at Flickr - some rights reserved

According to Hornbill’s study report written by Mauricio Marrone (published September of 2009), the main barriers to ITIL adoption are (barrier with most responses at the top): 

  1. Lack of resources ([people] time or people)
  2. Cultural resistance to organizational change
  3. Maintaining momentum/progress stagnates

These barriers depend on that fundamental little element on organizations: People. Whence, IT management and IT Governance must align execution and responsibility with envolved people to make sure producing relevant outcomes on time does happen. (more…)

Seven “ITIL is not” statements

November 23, 2009

Seven from platinum at Flickr - some rights reserved

1. It’s not technology – it’s [IT] service management

2. It’s not the last word – it’s a reference, a good place to start

3. It does not teach how to do it – rather guides on what to do

4. It is not a tool – it is responsibilities, activities, results… it does need tools

5. It’s not instantaneous – it is gradual (for humans!)

6. It is not magic – just reusable common sense

7. It is not peaceful – it always goes with organizational change

[update: There’s now an excellent Portuguese version of these seven “not” statements by Rubens Ranginha in his blog. Bem haja Rubens!]

ITIL Blues on Twitter

November 23, 2009

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After reading Seth Godin’s post on twitterfeed now I’m using it too – excellent service indeed.