State of the Art of ITIL… It’s the people!

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According to Hornbill’s study report written by Mauricio Marrone (published September of 2009), the main barriers to ITIL adoption are (barrier with most responses at the top): 

  1. Lack of resources ([people] time or people)
  2. Cultural resistance to organizational change
  3. Maintaining momentum/progress stagnates

These barriers depend on that fundamental little element on organizations: People. Whence, IT management and IT Governance must align execution and responsibility with envolved people to make sure producing relevant outcomes on time does happen.

From the same source, we known that for 70% of organizations under the survey, IT is represented on executive board. On the reverse side of the coin,  at 50% of the very same organizations, IT and business meet quarterly or less frequently, making it hard the forementioned alignment and envolvement.

And would the interviewed people for this study do differently had they another go for ITIL? Communication and education is key:

  • Help business understand ITIL
  • Get top management on board
  • Educate key people as early as possible

[Bonus: Grab the report at Mauricio’s page here.]


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