ITIL v3 exam available on Prometric (and Pearson)

At last we have the option of taking the ITIL v3 Foundation exam through Prometric (only in English).

You can either book it online (Go to, choose EXIN as exam provider and then EX0-101 ITIL Foundation v.3) or contact a local Authorized Prometric Training Center. It costs 140€ (when booked online).

This exam is also available on Pearson VUE.

I couldn’t confirm it but it looks like the ITIL v3 Bridging Foundation is available too.

You may find the free Overview of ITIL useful for reviewing (take care – it’s not enough for exam preparation…).

EXIN’s information on this here.


19 Responses to “ITIL v3 exam available on Prometric (and Pearson)”

  1. Rasmus Says:

    Thanks for the post – I am doing the ITIL v3 online training course at and am just about ready to book the exam. I have searched to book the exam but only found ITIL v2 exams on prometric.

  2. Santhosh Says:

    The V3 exam is NOT available on Prometric and VUE – yet

  3. rumagoso Says:

    You guys are right. At least as of today the ITIL v3 Foundation exam is not available on Prometric or Vue. All I know right now is that the exam was available last December and I personally know two candidates who successfully took the exam last week.
    Does someone know when will the exam be available again?

  4. ITSM Says:

    I think to boost the accreditations, all the accreditation bodies have decided not to make it available through prometric.

    I think they will let 2008 pass by before they make it available at prometrci again…

  5. Is anybody in charge? Says:

    I was scheduled to take the ITIL-F exam last January but they canceled it. I’ve since studied for the V3 but still no exam. I am also ready to sit for the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) exam but cannot because ITIL is a prerequisite, next was the butt-kicking ISO 20000 but guess what, ITIL is again a prerequisite. I’m fast loosing the faith in this ITIL flip-flop business. Perhaps they should follow their own guidelines and practice what they preach. Crazy Brits. . .

  6. rumagoso Says:

    EXIN announced the ITIL v3 Foundation exam is back:

  7. rumagoso Says:

    EXIN announced the ITIL v3 Foundation exam is back:

  8. Liz Gallacher Says:

    I know that the on again-off again nature of the on-line V3 exams has been very frustrating for many people. The Foundation is now available, but there was an issue when the exams came out that the question papers were very poor. The results therefore had to be moderated (ie if everyone gets a particular question wrong, then it is the question that is at fault, not the student – so you are then awarded this point anyway). Moderation takes time, and therefore is incompatible with the instant result of on line. The V3 Foundation is now available, but expect the same to happen with each exam as it is released. (The Managers Bridge was so bad, that when it first came out, and it was limited to tutors/examiners, 41 out of 45 failed! Now it has settled down, a reasonable % pass).

  9. Chris S Says:

    For what it’s worth- the ITIL V3 Foundation is definitely offered by Prometric at this point, in most geographic areas. For EXIN, the exam number is EX0-101, and for ISEB its BH0-006.

    We’ve seen quite a shift of our audience moving towards the V3 exam and away from the V2 exam on our site ( ). At the same time, we don’t expect the V2 exam to be discontinued until well in to 2009.

  10. Sally Jones Says:

    I wrote the ITIL V3 exam at Prometric in New York and passed with an 84%. I bought the self-study CBT from http:/www/ I chose them because they sent me all the material instead of the web-based courses that you have to be on-line to use, I travel a lot and I studied on the plane. They sent me all the class courseware and CBT for $99. Some training companies wanted $2000 for a 3 day class. Prometric is the way to go to if you want the certificate.

  11. Ali Says:

    can any body tell me that class room training necessery for itilv3 exam

  12. Ng Wai Mun Says:

    Classroom training is not necessary for ITIL v3. Do go through the book Introduction to ITIL in depth. Remember the functions, processes, etc. You should do fine. I managed a 92% score.

  13. james Says:

    can anyone tell me which book to read for ITIL foundation V3 exam.. if anyone has it pls send to:, thax

  14. Mark Says:

    Can anyone provide somewhere that I can take the ITIL v3 exam in the UK, ive been looking but am struggling to find somewhere

    Any help would be great



  15. Rob Moores Says:

    Go to
    You can get a list of UK centres and book direct or book online (it looks like you can book for the next day – at least in Leeds)

  16. Steve Livaudais Says:

    Passed my ITIL Foundation V3 exam today at a Pearson Vue facility in Clearwater Florida. It took me 30 minutes total time including signing up and taking the test. I bought a used copy of “Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam” from ITIL on and read it three times over the course of a week which was more than adequate. I plan to continue to the next certification level via used books and self study. Does anyone see a problem with this method… am I missing something?

  17. Nelson Lopido Says:

    Any ideas when the Intermediate Levels could be available over at prometric or pearson vue?

    I have recently completed my foundation via Prometric and wanted to further my knowledge. Unfortunately, I could not find any other accredited examination center here over at my place (Philippines). I’m planning to go with CBTs from a website that is an accredited training organization.

  18. Matth Says:

    using prometric or vue for itil v3 is it thesame questions or the questions are different? coz i used prometric material to study and now im planing to write d test thru vue. please advice.

  19. vikrant Says:

    i’m new to ITIL , want to take up the ITIL exam , do i need to join any institute ? Does any one has list of institutes those offers ITIL course in Bangalore ? Please advice

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