SML (not a typo…)

Service Modeling Language may be the “missing link” for closing the gap between Services and the underlying IT infrastructure.

Service Modeling Language (SML) is a XML-based specification that tackles the difficult task of consistently representing how computer networks, applications, servers and other IT resources are described or modeled so businesses can more easily manage the services that are built on these resources.

SML aims modeling complex IT Service and systems and their structure, constraints, policies and best practices. That has to be good both for customers and providers for it means that management tools can use this common language to get the information about the resources under their responsibility.

You can read a bit more about SML at Wikipedia.
The source for SML is the Service Modeling Language Work Group.
An interesting article on SML by Andrew Conry-Murray at Network Computing is Service Modeling Language Manages IT Assets.


One Response to “SML (not a typo…)”

  1. Antonio Valle Says:

    As far as I know, MS is using this new standard inside their new ServiceDesk application (to be released 1st half 2008)


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