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Once a upon a time in the East (Notes from itSMF Singapore 2014)

March 28, 2014

It was a pleasure being at itSMF Singapore 2014 for speaking on Storytelling.

Presenting Storytelling -itSMF Singapore

Presenting Storytelling at itSMF Singapore 2014

First of all, I thank the organization for great experience and smooth experience there. Rama and Vinay from the board, Joanne and Marco and all good people from itSMF Singapore made this event a joy for me.

I finally met Suresh GP who curated and pushed it all.

My notes on the event follow without further delay!

Ferocious twetting

Even with such timezone difference for other geographies we had sometimes little ITSM haiku, other times a vivid perception on what was happening during the conference. I think this trend for extending the conference reach is excellent.

The Twitter pack for itSMF Singapore 2014

The Twitter pack for itSMF Singapore 2014

The People

Couldn’t attend to all sessions – I did take worthy insights from them all. I’ll share notes on three:

Peter Brooks (excellent meeting THE Peter Brooks – wonderfully accessible and stimulating talks off the sessions)

  • Service Governance is key (Hello top management accountability?)
  • ITIL has tons of excellent material scarcely used
  • We need an ontology, precise meaning for ITSM concepts (Adaptive Service Model initiative)

Peter Hepworth (met for the first time the man leading Axelos)

  • Portrayed Axelos as a startup – coming to Singapore is part of strategy to talk with local stakeholders and he got feedback from them the day before the conference (and from us too)
  • Regarding trainer certifications, there are more than 1000 ATOS, training orgs and affiliates combined. Huge task. So Axelos will be grandfathering the trainers.
  • On cybersecurity, is asked on next step but it’s still soon to reveal what’s under the hood for this hot topic

Matt Fourie (pleasant surprise!)

  • Leadership is about telling the what and let people be responsible for the who (this is deeper and seldom found)
  • If you dont find the solution in a few hours you dont have the right people solving it
  • Manage stakeholders, pursue collaboration with all and carefully pursue requirement analysis

The Conference

I sensed a pattern on people being part of the service management equation. Yes, still ITIL core with one session on transitioning the service (this always reminds me of DevOps approach – which has lots of people in it too), more on empowering the end-users; a trend supported/pushed by vendors.

It was great meeting so many interesting people from Singapore and also from Australia. I had the opportunity to meet Kathryn Heaton from itSMF Australia who gave insight on how service management has an opportunity in an unexpected market due to Australia’s digital initiative at schools.

My session on Storytelling went really well – people were groking the stories on changing, got engaging questions at the end and I had the chance to give away some of my specially drawn for the occasion cartoons.

I was there! cartoon for itSMF Singapore 2014 - A torn cartoon

I was there! cartoon for itSMF Singapore 2014 – One of the cartoons I wanted to give way (torn paper… did a newer version 🙂 )

Hope I come back with more time. Well worth the trip!