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Drawing Stories for a Change (or two)

October 25, 2013

I’ve been writing and talking (video) about Storytelling applied to service management. And drawing stories too…

A eventful story

Events and Alarms (Mush and Room automate somewhat)

I believe telling stories is a natural and potent way of sharing and supporting change.

Want to see me presenting on storytelling at TFT14  (live drawing included, no mushrooms will be harmed), the global follow-the-sun 24 hour free online ITSM conference, that will happen next February? Vote me up!


Change – Initial assessment checklist, anyone?

April 1, 2013

Cuff checklist, by nasa_appel @ Flickr, Some Rights Reserved

Cuff checklist by nasa_appel @ Flickr, Some Rights Reserved

Came up with this initial change assessment checklist for early identification of potential issues that must be taken care of.

The sparkle was a detected tendency that somehow inflicts change analysts to disregard planning and risk analysis. I found this in a customer that relies heavily on a subcontracted service provider for most of its service management activities.

As with all that has real value, it takes work and real thinking. A checklist can be helpful as a kickstarter.


  • Does it need specific people in my organization?
  • Does it need specific expertise not available in my organization?
  • Is there a clear potential affected user list?
  • What training for end users will be needed?
  • What training for operational and administration level is required?
  • Does it need multiple teams effort?


  • Will it need specific resources (not people)?
  • Does it include technology never used within our organization?
  • Does it need additional testing, staging environments?
  • Does it need specific licensing?


  • Is it dependent on other changes?
  • What is the scope of the change? Does it affect only one component or several?
  • Is it possible to fully test the change?
  • Is there a work-around available should things go wrong? If so does it need specific preparation and resources?


  • Do we know what benefits it will bring?
  • Does it have a clear business deadline?
  • How critical are the affected services?
  • What is the duration and scope of possible service disruption? Can the change be deployed within a scheduled maintenance window for services affected?
  • Are there any special circumstances regarding this change?

I am working on testing this set (or a smaller one) on a customer.

Interested in how much meaningful analysis can really be performed early on a change life cycle and what the payoff will be.

Change Management and the seven Rs

September 28, 2009

Cortina de Chuva - por Délcio G.P. Filho, Some Rights Reserved - Attribution
Rain Curtain – by Délcio G.P. Filho, Some Rights Reserved – Attribution

One can measure the effectiveness of Change Management with the Seven Rs, introduced in the last ITIL v2 book “Business Perspective II”. Together, these seven questions constitute a straigthforward approach that can help assessing the impact and risk associated with each Change.

The seven questions are:

1.Who RAISED the change?

2. What is the REASON for the change?

3. What RETURN is required from the change? 

4. What are the RISKS involved in the change? 

5. What RESOURCES are required to deliver the change? 

6. Who is RESPONSIBLE for the “build, test, and implement” portion of the change? 

7. What is the RELATIONSHIP between this change and other changes?

This way Change Management will have seven dedicated little helpers to recover from poison apples…