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Storytelling – Keep it short

December 18, 2015

Despite nowadays trend for bigger novels, I cherish short, straight to the point narratives.  A nice definition for short story is one that you can read in one sitting.

Stories told in a few words may have a huge impact and are adequate for communicating ideas.

Some well known really short forms are proverbs (Around the world in 52 proverbs), haiku and phrases by well known people. For the latter a good place to start is goodreads.

Another form is the flash fiction like this one attributed to Emingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”.

But… Be careful not to abuse the original sense of those little gems.


Can’t top itSMF TOP 10 from Finland

November 27, 2013

Good people from itSMF Finland were gentle to me and I got to speak and do a workshop for CIOs.

This conference gets around 350 attendees and is a must for professionals and practitioners.

Really professional for a volunteering effort – it showed on the seamless conference experience it provided to all attendees. I got far more I expected. Met great ITSM people in real life (that may be the best reason for attending an event like this, the opportunity to talk and share with practitioners).

A room with a view

A room with a view

Regarding the conference, I won’t go in too much detail. Roman Jouravlev wrote a nice post. The trend I saw at itSMF Denmark for new approaches (like ISM by Jan van Bon) and for shaking the ITIL building is going strong.

Kaimar as a Speaker (KaaS)

Kaimar as a Speaker (KaaS)

Out ot ITIL ground stuff like DevOps (Kaimar Karu from Estonia) or how to go closer to the user (Patrick Bolger) were there too. Solid stuff from Barclay Rae and Dave Jones too. I didn’t had the chance to saw them all speaking but I have to share with you what the guys from Dream Brokers told me: “We like this conference, it’s not full of geeks – you can TALK with people”.

You can watch these wonderful speakers at Vimeo here.

The itSMF Finland voluntary group for TOP10 edition

The itSMF Finland voluntary group for TOP10 edition

All itSMF Finland team was perfect. It showed the one year orchestrated effort. Struck me how humble and low key people are. By the way, at least for ITSM, Finns are not that shy. I felt home. A special thanks to power house Paula Määttänen  and get-the-job-done Piia Karvonen. And Thomas. And Elina, the orchestrator.

Tar will remain on my olfactory area of the brain for quite a while. How about that for  a story…

Drawing Stories for a Change (or two)

October 25, 2013

I’ve been writing and talking (video) about Storytelling applied to service management. And drawing stories too…

A eventful story

Events and Alarms (Mush and Room automate somewhat)

I believe telling stories is a natural and potent way of sharing and supporting change.

Want to see me presenting on storytelling at TFT14  (live drawing included, no mushrooms will be harmed), the global follow-the-sun 24 hour free online ITSM conference, that will happen next February? Vote me up!