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Plus! The Standard+Case Approach (book review)

July 24, 2013

Plus! The Standard + Case Approach: see service response in a new light is a fast, complete and clean read introducing Standard + Case approach by Rob England. It applies to any kind of service response, not only IT.

Standard + Case brings Case Management approach discipline to Service Management. Because the world is not standardized.

It covers basics, practices, knowledge management, metrics, people competencies and clearly defines what is Standard (business as usual) and what is a Case (unexpected situation to resolve, probably never dealt with before – a potential future Standard candidate).

I like the small, though quite readable, introductions to topics one usually can’t  easily reference in the context of service management books, like the art of making and using checklists and organizational change management.

The book format (size and paper bound)  is perfect for having near by on top of your desk and needs no book spine title (Rob dixit it, really. I kid you not).

Disclaimer (fair play by keeping this post text only): No mushrooms were hurt during the writing of this post.