Dear Santa

1387893768918@rumagoso Do a blog with your wish list in it. Title it: “Dear Santa” #justsayin

— Kenneth Gonzalez (@ken_gonzalez) December 18, 2013

A robust ITSM body of knowledge, like

  • A Service Catalog ontology with a well-defined way to describe services and requests. Useful for comparing service offers and better define what IT needs to put in place to support and deliver.
  • A common way to describe what people do (be it within processes, be it in project context). So people know and can be measured in a fair way.
  • An ITSM learning path with shorter and cheaper costs. The current model for ITIL is a cash cow and the foundation level does not work. I am betting on Axelos to help you Santa on this!

Broader awareness and adoption for great approaches out there that are not UK-based/backed by big orgs

  • Standard + Case
  • ISM
  • Process Mining applied to ITSM

As for me, I’d love to

  • Meet (devirtualize!) more great ITSM people (I’ll sure will be submit speaking proposals in 2014)
  • Work with people that make me grow on sharing great stuff
  • Tell stories that help people change

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