Standard + Case: A visual primer

Standard + Case is a new approach by Rob England, bringing Case Management discipline to Service Management. It is not restricted to IT work service response and allows people to concentrate on what really matters.

A visual primer follows.


For well known, business as usual, responses, you use Standard.


For exceptions and complicated, complex responses we will need a Case. We can certify Case workers.


Most of organizations deal with standard responses and invoke case only if needed.


Standard + Case work together for all responses. Sometimes cases become standard.


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3 Responses to “Standard + Case: A visual primer”

  1. Daniel Burns Says:

    Great concepts Rob. I’ve stumbled across your material recently and see massive truths in it. In many ways we seek to espouse what you have articulated and framed within our small IT consulting company but seeing you hang meat and bones around it resonates with a key part of our approach. I particularly like a vid I saw of you where you covered off on the complete truth that ‘none of us like to be standardised’. It’s a topic close to my heart and one I hope to delve into and explore/produce material I’ve already collated myself into the future.


  2. Geir Isene Says:

    Simple. Direct. Neat.

    Add the concept of “100% responsible” and it’s pretty much canned.

    It aligns with the (more involved) article “Processes, Automation and Human Potential”:,_Automation_and_Human_Potential

  3. USMBOK – Das universale Service Management Body of Knowledge von Ian M. Clayton | Disruptive agile Service Management Says:

    […] Standard + Case: A visual primer […]

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