Service [Request?] Catalog

The main confusion I’ve seen lately among customers and colleagues is being able to distinguish between Service Catalog and Service Request Catalog.

Take it or leave it

Take it or leave it, from Flickr, by D Siegnowski, Some Rights Reserved

Keep this short (my aim is to make you access the resources at the end):

  • Service Request Catalog refers to what a user can ask for
  • Service Catalog is all an IT service provider offers to its customers

One can look at the Service Catalog in many ways. I find it useful to take the elephant in two portions, like this:

  • Internal supporting services; i.e those that support services delivered to customer
  • Business services; i.e all services the customer perceives

For the Business services I further detail in two:

    • Service Request Catalog; i.e services requested on demand by end users (some times only a selected few that have the authority/need to do so)
    • Continuous services; i.e services that IT delivers permanently (well, within service hours) like applications

Thus, activities around Business Relationship Management and Service Level Management capture customer representatives experience whereas Service Desk take care of end users experience.

You can watch good stuff on this by Ian Clayton here or read a post by Doug Mueller.

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