The People factor

People from Flickr by id--iom, Some Rights Reserved

People from Flickr by id–iom, Some Rights Reserved

Changing people is challenging.

Efforts to put processes working depend mostly on the human factor, regardless of how well those processes are designed and adapted for the organization.

Quite recently we had to change the way we visually represent decisions in processes because we forgot people resist too many changes in one go. The customer is always right (even if he expresses it the wrong way).

Useful aspects to consider when (gasp) changing people:

  1. Establish a rapport (consider checking Dan Pink’s “To Sell is Human” book), ask “where are you from?”
  2. Listen hard, don’t interrupt. Rephrase key messages you got.
  3. Never asssume
  4. Ask them what works!
  5. Do your homework: who are the stakeholders? What moves them?
  6. Use great stories – we are all  story-junkies
  7. Give it a name. Brand it. Check Seth Godin

Dear reader tell me: Where are you from?

(Kudos to Paul for bringing forth this topic.)


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