2013 – on the road again

Back again.

Olhão - at Algarve, Portugal

Olhão – at Algarve, Portugal

Topics I find interesting – thus candidates to deeper understanding and writing this year:

  • BPMN 2.0 – Visual standard from OMG that allows existing or revamped/new processes capture. Allows for convenient representation of collaborating roles, events for timers and notification, decisions and tasks. More on this here and a blog and a poster!
  • Infosec and Service Management fusion – Pushed by ISOs (ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and guidance on integrated implementation of both: ISO 27013).
  • Seamless process and content – On one side venerable content centric ECM. On the other corner not-so-new process centric BPM (ACM lurking nearby). Ways to blend both wanted.
  • Social knowledge – Tagging and searching go a long way towards knowledge sharing. How can we tap into this torrent and extract meaningful wisdom?
  • Mobile/BYOD/BYOE – Bring Your Own Everything… this ties back to information security and is a big issue now. Mobile Device Management (MDM – hooray! Another 3 letter buzzword!) coming of age.

I may draw on these topics as I did before mostly with ITIL. Lets see how it goes this time.

My wishes for you gentle readers: Go for your dreams this year. Remember life is short – the sooner the better. And laugh a lot – oxygen and endorphin for free!


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