Mush and Room Contest! Pick title design – get free book

Need your help here on the cover title design for the Mush and Room book (current working title: “Mush and Room”).

Mush and Room cover draft (Want to pick the title design above?)

It will take you two to three minutes.
Either pick one from the title designs bellow or tell me which one you like best from the Mush and Room episodes (just refer the episode number or episode title).
Mush and Room - Title Designs Pick One 11Jun2010

Pick title design A, B, C or D (or one title from a published Mush and Room episode)

  • Submit your pick only by replying to this blog post (please include your name. Anonymous entries won’t be considered)
  • First three replying their best choice get the book for free (CLOSED; see next rule).
  • First three replying the winning title design get the book for free (yes, it accumulates with the previous – you may get two books provided you’re righ on target as well as one of the fastest…)
  • Winning title design will be the one most voted
  • This ends last day of June
Pick one. Go!
With the current winning entry the cover will look more or less like this:

Draft for cover with current winning title design

 UPDATE: The contest is now closed – fairly simple to pick the winning title! I’m giving books to all participants (yes both of you after the first three). Thank you all for reading and voting.

You rock.


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15 Responses to “Mush and Room Contest! Pick title design – get free book”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m quite a minimalist, so I like D the best. Big balloon characters have enough whimsy on their own..

  2. Mark Nelson Says:

    I pick D for the captioning on the cover.

  3. Laura Bonito Says:

    I also pick de D. 🙂

  4. Antonio Valle Says:

    Grr… too late!

    🙂 Well… let’s enter in the second phase of the contest.

    I like D

    Great job!

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  6. itil-ist Says:

    Absolutely agree with Dave. Minimalistic D is the best IMHO.
    But if D will be winner, all first three will have two books 😉

    • rumagoso Says:

      You’re right. I was not expecting such a consensus.
      Well, It’s not over until it’s over.
      Not changing the rules for now. Since what I really want is to have as much people as possible grabing this book, I’ll consider giving away three more books. Lets wait for 30th of June!

  7. angel Says:

    hi author, do you have more games for this? i find your mush and room really useful and fun 🙂

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