Mush and Room going back to paper

Night reading

Kids drawings (a skeleton and a water drop), a comic book from my younger brother, novels, management and self-help books, Wired magazine and the Moleskine where I draw those pesty Mush and Room fungus

Babauta, Covey, GodinGuillebeau, Henmeier Hansson (and so many more) got it right and shared: Keep it simple, focus – live now. Just do it (Nike got it too).

For more than 20 years I wanted to write and publish a book.

It always depended on me and now it is as easy as it gets – no more excuses.

Uniball VISION ELITE gel pen, made in Japan (Mush and Room inking)

This September Mush and Room will come out in their original form: Organic, touchable, convenient paper.

Até já,


Ah! Read their magic books:

Leo Babauta: The power of less

Stephen R. Covey: The 7 Habits of highly effective people

Seth Godin: Linchpin

Chris Guillebeau: A brief guide to world domination

David Henmeier Hansson (with Jason Fried): Rework


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