Effective Decision – Magic?

Conferring after the call - por Jean-François Chénier, Some Rights Reserved - Attribution, Non-commercial

Conferring after the call -by Jean-François Chénier, Some Rights Reserved - Attribution, Non-commercial

Steve Romero, wrote a comment over a podcasted interview on IT projects and initiatives failure, defending how three orchestrated disciplines can address the core People issue:

  • Governance: Making sure the right people are accountable for addressing critical decisions
  • Process management: The decision process is feasible and doable
  • Organizational change management: Assuring people become comfortable and make their own the organization government processes, support business processes and human behaviour changes in order to make the most of technological solutions

Regarding the latter, Organizational change management, I call magic to the moment during a project when people adopt the subsequent change.

The truth is this is not magic. It’s a direct consequence of assuring people participation – the essential active that integrates technology and processes.

People resist unknown. They need what the get along with the change. I believe the key is on everybody participating on the decision process that resulted on a project or initiative.

Peter Drucker showed the Japanese way of solving problems as an alternative  model to the Western one (focused on decision taking – hence the thirst for charismatic leaders), by involving all stakeholders on the exact definition of what really is the problem and is it really necessary to decide on it.

“Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices”, Peter Drucker, pages: 465-470

Thus, on the decision process itself, there is room for people to understand the problem, so they can actively contribute on eventual changes to business processes and gradually get everybody grasp what is their role. Whatever the final decision is, all where involved in the process. Organizational change management.


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