ITIL 2011 edition Processes along the Service Lifecycle Diagram (Français, English, Português)

ITIL v3 Processes versus Service Lifecycle

ITIL 2011 Processes across the Service Lifecycle, some rights reserved

ITIL 2011 Processes across the Service Lifecycle

Here’s a take-and-share version of the previously mentioned ITIL v32011 Processes throughout the Service Lifecycle. For a Visio version just email me (currently French – NEW! Thank you Richard Martin, English and Portuguese versions – keep them coming!).

[I’ve just removed the last spurious “Operations Management” entry. That’s a function. Also, I have a Portuguese (European) version. Volunteers for other languages? I can make them available from here. I’ve seen a version from Hong Kong (last page) broken link now…]


9 Responses to “ITIL 2011 edition Processes along the Service Lifecycle Diagram (Français, English, Português)”

  1. emanuel fernandes Says:

    boas rui podias enviar-me a versão VISIO? é para converter para PDF num formato maior.

    btw: bom curso e bom formador! o v3 é realmente mais virado para administração/gestão, com mais processos e mais especifico do o v2. agora ando a ler material do v2 (como o guia de bolso) para me ambientar mais com os processos/serviços.

    um abraço,
    emanuel fernandes
    secretaria-geral da presidência do conselho de ministros

  2. ITIL Talk Says:

    Hi – I would be very interested in receiving a copy of the visio – thanks


  3. Shlomo Boussidan Says:


  4. Wagner Pereira Says:

    Nice work, Rui! I’ll share this with my pals.

  5. Venkat Says:

    Hi nice work,

    Its tough to create these templates by own unless you understand every aspect of ITIL.
    Anyway want to tell your readers that OGC has released the official ITIL process map and can be found here…..


  6. 2010 in review {thanks to WordPress guys!} « ITIL Blues Says:

    […] ITIL v3 Processes along the Service Lifecycle Diagram (Français, English, Português) October 2007 5 comments 3 […]

  7. anand Says:

    Thank you for this diagram. This is what i was looking for!

  8. Jonathan Says:

    This has been very helpful. Thank you.

  9. Oscar Elleseff Says:

    This is a great diagram. hank you for posting it. Is it possible to get it updated with the new and removed processes that came out in the 2011 ITIL update? Thank you in advance

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