ITIL v3 – Service Strategy short podcast with Michael Nieves

Michael NievesMichael Nieves – co-author with Majid Iqbal of the Service Strategy ITIL v3 core book – did a short interview for with quite interesting observations regarding the new ITIL v3 approach for IT managers.

Service Strategy is the “central hub” where the whole service lifecycle is underpinned so it’s sensible to know what Michael has to say about it. Here goes an analysis drawing from Michael words.

For me the first important message is centered on codifying the guidance IT managers need as they advance through their senior leadership roles.

The point is that before a lawyer EVER steps in the courtroom he or she studies theory and practice at law school. And so on for a surgeon or even for a pilot – in fact for a whole latitude of professions where responsibility and it’s work result are key to people and businesses.

But senior IT managers are all too often relegated to learn by trial and error in a profession relying to heavily on the job training.

  The second message that resonated is the Majid Iqbal and Michael Nieves proposal of three concepts as the building blocks for a high-performance Service Strategy:

  1. Distinctive Capabilities
    How do you decide on that objective (or end state) that differentiates on what and how we do it so the clients are convinced that there’s no true alternative?
    Put in another way: “Differentiation on the outside and simplification on the inside”
  2. Performance Anatomy
    How do you create cultural and organizational characteristics that move your organization to the goal of executing those competitive alternatives?
  3. Market Spaces
    Where and how to compete aspects of strategy?
    Is it for all people or just for specific targets? Are we going for low cost? Or are we aiming for high quality? Will these be Customer know-how services?
    Knowing what business outcomes your customers seek helps you define your market space

Thus a daring challenge emanates from the fore mentioned book: Enabling IT Managers with the formal basis for pursuing a real Service Strategy by really listening on customer’s desired business outcomes.

The MP3 podcast done by CXO’s is here.


2 Responses to “ITIL v3 – Service Strategy short podcast with Michael Nieves”

  1. kumar Says:

    this pod cast does not seem to work.

  2. rumagoso Says:

    Thank you Kumar for pointing this out!

    I’ve sent an email to a CIO’s editorial contact and meanwhile I’ve changed the link to an Accenture’s working one that points to the podcast.

    The direct link to the MP3 podcast is:
    [audio src="" /]

    Be well,

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