What’s new on ITIL v3 (from Sharon Taylor Axios whitepaper) – part II

ITIL v3 core books versus old ITIL v2 processes

Here is the rest of the short analysis on Sharon Taylor’s  white paper for ITIL v3 (read part I here).


5. Really new stuff on ITIL v3 and the old processes


I’ve added possible sources for the topics Sharon Taylor pointed out (to be confirmed later after reading the core books) on the above diagram.


Do note that these processes are covered on other core books as well (Service Level Management is dealt with during Service Design). Other activities like Demand Management are taken in account in Service Strategy.


6. ITIL and vendors


Concise advice regarding ITIL Service Management and vendors is provided (pages 13-14). I do agree that ISO/IEC 20000 compliance by the vendor itself is a strong signal regarding their commitment to ITIL but I do think that individual certifications (both the new ITIL v3 qualification scheme and ISO/IEC 20000 auditor/consultant) are an even stronger statement – at least for consulting providers who’s focus is more on consulting and less on… technology. As for software vendors I believe a  ISO/IEC 20000 based formal assessment of a given tool can provide insight regarding it’s adequacy to support ITIL practices for each unique organization. Now, that’s something worth pushing for.


Go for Troy DuMolin’s blog he has posted about each ITIL v3 core book.


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