Novell, open source and ITIL…

Novell announcement of a Desktop-to-Data Centre Management Blueprint based on the set of IT operations management best practices.

Interesting mix of open source stuff with ITIL.  Basically, it dwelves around an open management architecture, open source tools with the Data Centre in mind (think machine virtualization).

It features a short introduction to the traditional Service Support process plus Service Delivery’s Availability and hints a way of relating consecutive perspectives  with ITIL (here presented bottom-up):

  • Discover -> Lifecycle management, Asset Discovery, Dependency Mapping, Service Catalog, Event Captre, Storage Discovery, App Fingerprint
  • Relate -> Federated Configuration Management Database (Relationships, Incidents, Problems, Known Errors and Changes associated with each CI)
  • Contain -> Creation (OS, App, Network, Storage, Personality) & Repository (Lifecycle data)
  • Instantiate -> Create VM, Allocate Storage, Associate Users, Bind to Network
  • Manage -> Service Delivery, Service Support and Application Management
  • Orchestrate -> Workload definition, Schedule, Load Balance, Accounting, Pre-emption, Reservation, Grid, Policy
  • Visualize -> Design, Display, Dashboard

I’m curious that Instantiate and Orchestrate are so technically detailed (I guess Novell as answers on this). Manage is ITIL’s realm, the nowadays buzzword Federated CMDB really shows on Relate.

And then we have transversal areas like:

  • Monitor
  • Security & Identity
  • Audit & Compliance

To read the white-paper you’ll need to pass the usual “give-some-details-to-me” step. Or you can try here.

Got it from: Novell maps out ITIL blueprint for data centre customers (Grant Buckler, IT Business, Canada)


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